todd has a great "chair-side manner". he listens to my ideas, offers suggestions and takes his time with my cut. but that's not what sets him apart for me. i like short, sassy, sculpted haircuts that traditionally require a regimented upkeep schedule–the real magic
of the Hammer cut is 8 weeks in, when I'm still getting compliments on how great my
hair looks.
holly g

todd hammer is a hair guru. he knows exactly what to do to make me look my best. i walk in the salon a weary mother of two and walk out feeling like a rock star. he has a gift for getting color just right and he has very reasonable rates (i paid 3x as much in LA). on top of it all, he's a down to earth guy who always makes me laugh. added bonus: the salon is right above barista in the pearl district. it doesn't get much better than sipping on one of the best cappuccinos in the city and chatting with hammer while he works his magic. 
love him.
wendy e

todd is the best. he helped me find a style that fits my personality and upkeep preferences. he always takes time to listen and offer suggestions, and i never feel rushed through my appointments with him.

todd gets the award for perfect bangs! i've searched for years to find the perfect stylist in portland and am so happy to have found todd, he rocks my style every time!
tiffany g-w 

seriously the only name you need to know in hair...once you go hammer you always
go hammer.

mike m

who wouldn't want to spend an hour with todd hammer? 
keri b

if you are looking for a great place to get your haircut from a great guy you need to get to know my buddy todd. i used to go to places like bishops because it was easy and cheap but i am over that. it is nice to go to someone who actually cares about cutting your hair and remembers what you did last time. i promise he will have you laughing in no time and you will not be disappointed with the experience.
ben t 

todd hammer cuts hair like an artist and a samurai. he's gentle and tender. he can be a gentleman and a cad whenever one is needed. if you have hair...and i have a feeling you do...consider todd hammer as your next stylist.
mckenzie s 

todd is fantastic!!
mike v